The pursuit of justice requires passion. It demands dedication.

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Going through a divorce can be emotional and life-altering.

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A traffic violation can put the brakes on your daily routine.

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A DUI can impose significant restrictions on you for years to come.

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Fight for Your Rights With a Qualified Attorney on Your Side

Civil, criminal and family law assistance for those in Dunmore, Carbondale, Scranton, and throughout Lackawanna County, PA

For over 20 years, Terry McDonald Law has been offering legal guidance to individuals dealing with personal disputes and criminal charges. Terry McDonald has represented the interests of many clients in Dunmore, Scranton, Carbondale, and all of Lackawanna County, PA with criminal, civil and family law matters. Whether you’re going through a divorce or facing a DUI charge, you can rely on attorney McDonald to provide passionate representation and a detailed plan of action for your case.

Call today for help with your criminal law, family law or civil law matter in Dunmore and all of the NE PA area.

Why does Lackawanna County, PA continue to rely on Terry McDonald for legal representation?

Attorney McDonald is a courageous and dedicated representative. He has lived in the northern Pennsylvania area for his entire life. He knows his way around the streets and the courts. Whether you’re fighting for compensation or a reduction of your charges, you can trust that attorney McDonald has your best interests in mind. Count on attorney McDonald to:

Provide compassionate assistance | Remain in constant communication | Conduct thorough research | Appeal your case, if appropriate

Regardless of the circumstances, attorney McDonald will fight for your rights and pursue a fair resolution to your case. For representation in criminal law, civil law, child support law, child custody law and family law matters in Dunmore and all of the NE PA area, call Terry McDonald Law today.

Choose a Qualified Family Law Attorney to Represent You

Terry McDonald Law is a trusted law firm serving residents of the greater Scranton, PA area. Don’t let your DUI, divorce or contract dispute keep you from a prosperous and productive future. Terry McDonald knows the system and will fight to get the results you want and need.

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