Practicing for almost twenty (20) years, Terry has practiced in many different areas of the law including criminal, civil, municipal, real estate, family law and personal injury. Representing clients throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, Terry has represented clients in both federal and state courts.

Today, Terry’s practice concentrates primarily on criminal, civil and family law. He has represented clients in most of the Northeastern Pennsylvania counties. He has tried cases in state court and in federal court, and has appeared in front of and argued before both the Pennsylvania Superior Court and Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

As a criminal defense attorney, he has represented clients charged with everything from major felony charges to simple misdemeanors. Regardless of the seriousness of the charges Terry fights for justice for his clients in every case. He is not afraid to challenge the police, the evidence or, when necessary, the trial court if it means obtaining justice for his client. Because of that, Terry has developed a reputation for impeccable research and being prepared.

In Lackawanna County, Terry has been appointed by the Court of Common Pleas to represent indigent criminal defendants as conflict counsel. In doing so he has represented people charged with homicide, aggravated assault, delivery of drugs, and a host of other charges. He has represented clients facing their first DUI charge to clients facing their seventh such charge.

He has appealed cases and convictions to the Pennsylvania Superior Court and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in many cases and has had success in both appellate courts.

Terry’s practice is not limited to criminal clients. He also practices in family law and in civil law. Practicing family law does not simply mean that he represents a client who wants to file for divorce. It means child support, spousal support, custody, equitable distribution and alimony. Terry brings the same tenacity to every case in which he is involved.

Terry also practices civil law. Civil law does not mean just the automobile accident or the slip and fall cases. It also means representing clients who may have a dispute with an insurance company, a builder or problems with a job that was performed for you.

Terry is also very active in the legal community as well. In 2014, Terry was appointed to serve as a Hearing Committee Member serving the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Hearing Committee Members hear disciplinary cases and review files concerning attorneys located within the particular district he serves.

For the past twelve (12) years Terry has served as a Master in Truancy for the Court of Common Pleas of Lackawanna County. As a criminal defense attorney, he understands how habitual truancy from our schools negatively impacts a child’s school performance and increases the likelihood of juvenile delinquency.

By serving as master, he has the opportunity to monitor a student’s attendance and when necessary, enforcing court orders related to particular students. Serving as Master in Truancy provides Terry with a “hands on” opportunity to help in decreasing truancy and the number of high school dropouts, and perhaps the likelihood of juvenile delinquency.

Early in his legal career, Terry worked as a law clerk for more than five (5) years for the Court of Common Pleas of Lackawanna County.