An attorney will fight your burglary charge in Scranton, Carbondale, or Dunmore, PA

So, you've been charged with burglary. What now? You need to call an attorney who has handled this type of case before. Terry McDonald Law has worked with numerous burglary cases in Scranton, Carbondale, and Dunmore, PA. He will make sure you have the best representation in and out of the courtroom.

Call attorney McDonald as soon as possible. He'll go over the evidence with you and determine the best strategy for your case.

Why hire a criminal defense attorney?

You might think it's not worth it to hire an attorney to fight your burglary charge. But, it's important to remember that your future is on the line. Here are just a few reasons why you should call a dedicated criminal defense attorney if you've been charged with burglary:

  • An attorney will help you understand your charges.
  • An attorney will develop a strong strategy in your favor.
  • You'll have a fighting chance in court.
If you don't hire an attorney, you'll have a hard time fighting the consequences of your crime. Remember that you're innocent until proven guilty-and call Terry McDonald Law at 570-840-0429 now to speak with an experienced burglary defense attorney. Attorney McDonald serves clients in Dunmore, Scranton, Carbondale, Lackawanna County and the rest of northeastern Pennsylvania.