DUI Attorney in Dunmore, Scranton and all of Lackawanna County, PA

Were you arrested for driving under the influence in Pennsylvania? Don’t forget that you have rights. You have options. Before you end up convicted of a DUI, call Terry McDonald Law for legal assistance. Attorney McDonald will help you explore all your options and create a strong plan of action to fight your DUI charges.

If you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation with the law, call Terry McDonald as soon as possible for guidance and representation in this crucial matter.

Don’t let a conviction put your life on hold

One bad decision shouldn’t define your future. A DUI can impose significant restrictions on you for years to come. Call Terry McDonald Law right now for legal counsel. Attorney McDonald will fight for your rights and guide you through the legal process. His goal is to help you avoid:

  • Hefty fines
  • Years of jail time
  • License restrictions and probation
  • Alcohol treatment classes

A DUI is a serious matter. A conviction can leave a permanent scar on your life. Do everything you can to address the charges before matters get worse. For aggressive representation in your DUI matter in Dunmore or any of the NE PA area, call Terry McDonald Law.